Entry requirements

  • CITB Health, safety and environment test passed within two years before the course start date or CPCS test date.
  • Good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.
  • Must hold the A17 D Telescopic Handler All Sizes Inc 360 Slew.

Teaching and Assessment

  • 1 Days Training – Classroom-based  and Practical Training
  • 1 Day – CPCS Testing


Course Content

  • *Classroom* Using the given suspended loads lifting capacity diagrams, answer a 7 part question.
  • Lift a load at least 50% of the rated capacity & simulate concrete pouring exercise by travelling the load in a straight line (min 6m).
  • *Classroom* Using the given lifting capacity diagram, answer a 3 part question.
  • Position machine so that stabiliser footprint is 2m from base of tower & lift load (75% radius), slew 90° & place on tower.
  • Prepare the machine for work, setup for work, change attachments and travel to the working area.
  • Lift a load at least 50% of the rated capacity & pass through a chicane, executing full turns in forward & reverse direction.
  • Lift a wide load at max radius & slew 200° and land load within 2m of machines max radius (using 3 services).
  • Ensure consistent observations. Assess & secure weight loads. Carry out all shut down and securing procedures.


On successful completion of the Theory & Practical tests the candidate is awarded the Red Trained Operators Card which is valid for two years or the candidate can be awarded the Blue Competent Operators Card if the candidate has Telehandler NVQ in place.