A56 Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis

The endorsements are:

A56A Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis – Up to 15 tonnes
A56B Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis – All Sizes

Course Aims

To provide high quality training and testing in the safe and effective use of plant and machinery to enable the candidate to attain the CPCS Red Operator Card.

This course is for people with limited or no experience of operating a Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis.

It teaches you how to operate and maintain a Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis safely.

Entry requirements

  • CITB Health, safety and environment test passed within two years before the course start date or CPCS test date.
  • Good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.

Teaching and Assessment

  • 3 Days Training – Classroom-based  and Practical Training
  • 1 Day – CPCS Testing

Course Content

  • Basic construction, names of components and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges
  • Use of the plant equipment operator’s handbook, etc
  • Pre-use and running checks
  • Set the vehicle for site and road travel
  • Travel over differing types of terrain, including rough, undulating ground, both in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Manoeuvre the vehicle in confined areas using forward and reverse direction, in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Explain precautions to be taken for overhead services and other hazards
  • Position the dump truck to receive loads
  • Comply with plant loading procedures, loading entegrity and security
  • Discharge loads into trenches or over edges
  • Place the dump truck in an out-of-service condition
  • Loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporters
  • Trained operator achievement test


On successful completion of the Theory & Practical tests the candidate is awarded the Red Trained Operators Card which is valid for two years.

Next Steps

Register and complete the NVQ level 2 for the Blue Competent Operators Card which is valid for five years.