CPCS Emergency COVID-19 Card

NOCN Job Cards is aware that some individuals in the future will have difficulty renewing or updating their CPCS cards due to issues caused by COVID-19.

Difficulties in renewing may take the form of not being able to make HSE tests or CPCS renewal tests as Pearson VUE and many Internet Test Centers are closed. We also know it will be difficult to complete Vocational Qualifications in the next few months.

The industry has welcomed CPCS and NOCN Job Cards’ advice on the relaxation by sites on cards that have expired. On March 16th CPCS recommend to employers that their …

NOCN Coronavirus Update for Customers

The growing concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) are likely to impact CPCS Test Centres and Cardholders, please see the latest updates below: 1. Cancelled / Missed tests

We know that many tests are being cancelled or are not able to be delivered. For this reason we are content for Centres to postpone tests until a time when it is safe to do so. Please email your named contact and they will do this for you. They require the Batch Number of the test being postponed and the date you want to postpone it until. If you don’t know a date, please …

CPCS Banked Categories

What is a CPCS banked category?

Example; I held a CPCS blue competence card which had the following categories;

360 Excavator Tracked Forward Tipping Dumper Wheeled Wheeled loading Shovel

When I last renewed my CPCS card I had not been operating the Wheeled Loading Shovel or the Forward Tipping Dumper, so my employer said I could not renew these categories, therefore my current card only shows;

360 Tracked Excavator

How do I get the categories back on my CPCS Card and what are the CPCS rules?

Categories not applied for at the time of renewal may be ‘banked’ and can …

New cards, new technology

Following the transfer of CPCS from CITB to NOCN Group, we have implemented the first of several improvements planned for the scheme – smart cards.  The new smart cards will gradually replace the old CITB issued cards, as these come up for renewal.

The smart cards feature Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, enabling multiple benefits for cardholders and employers.  NFC works by tapping the card on any NFC enabled device – most modern mobile phones and tablets – the cardholder’s name, photo, categories/courses and endorsements will automatically appear.  NOCN Job Cards are currently working on the next stage of smart …

CPCS application update

1. Applications Backlog

Where we have the correct HSE test, photo and CPCS test results that match with CITB/Pearson VUE data. There are still outstanding data issues remaining between CPCS, Pearson VUE and CITB, but these have been significantly reduced with you help and assistance.

2. Notifications Resulted as Achieved through Test Centre Management System

For all notifications where we can match the correct HSE data, photo and CPCS test results, cards are now being dispatched within SLA of 15 working days.

3. Card renewals/applications

We are processing new applications as quickly as possible. All applications that have met scheme …

CPCS Update – March

CPCS / NOCN would like to thank you for all your support over the past months of difficulty, since the transfer of CPCS data, and apologise again for the challenges that this has caused you and your customers. 

Card Applications Update

Our team of temporary and permanent staff have been working overtime on evenings and at weekends to put the card processing on track.  We are making good progress and have processed, printed and despatched 13,698 CPCS cards to date (week ending 6th March).

Incorrect cards

Unfortunately, we are still having some problems with incorrect cards, and these are being …



At NOCN Group, we are all deeply sorry and like you frustrated by the issues that our customers have experienced in the weeks since the CPCS transfer.  Please know we are doing all we can to rectify the issues as quickly as possible.  The CPCS Team is being supported by colleagues from all areas of NOCN Group to resolve your ongoing issues, this is our number one priority.  We are working positively and closely with CITB, and the industry supplier for HS&E tests, to resolve the issue with mismatched data, one of the main delays to processing.

Hopefully, the …

NOCN apologises for CPCS fiasco

The private company that has taken over management of the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) has come out and apologised after plant operators found themselves unable to renew their cards.

NOCN Group, which now administers the card scheme, has also put in place an emergency plan to tackle the backlog it is facing in card applications.

More than 200,000 workers who operate large plant on construction sites rely on the cards to access employment. Without their cards, they risk being thrown out of work.

The bureaucratic bungling is also affecting the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

“We would like …

Industry in uproar as plant skills card chaos continues

Training centres, plant operators and contractors are up in arms over continuing problems with the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS).

One irate training specialist warned the system is “on the brink of collapse” as problems continue to plague skills card renewals.

Companies are also threatening legal action over loss of earnings as plant operators struggle to secure the cards they need to operate on site.

CPCS was sold to awarding organisation NOCN Group by the Construction Industry Training Board last year.

Problems have been ongoing since late last year when NOCN transitioned over the renewal test booking system.

The Enquirer

NOCN Job Cards Smart Cards User Guide


All CPCS and CISRS operators who apply for a card from 2nd December will receive a new digital ‘smart’ card. The smart cards work through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and by tapping the smartcard on any NFC enabled device – most modern mobile phones and tablets – the cardholder’s name, photo, categories/courses and endorsements will appear. NOCN Job Cards are working on the next stage of smart cards currently, where qualifications and NOCN Site Right training will also appear on the card as well renewal notifications.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Near-field Communication, or NFC, is a connecting technology …

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