NOCN Job Cards Smart Cards User Guide


All CPCS and CISRS operators who apply for a card from 2nd December will receive a new digital ‘smart’ card. The smart cards work through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and by tapping the smartcard on any NFC enabled device – most modern mobile phones and tablets – the cardholder’s name, photo, categories/courses and endorsements will appear. NOCN Job Cards are working on the next stage of smart cards currently, where qualifications and NOCN Site Right training will also appear on the card as well renewal notifications.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Near-field Communication, or NFC, is a connecting technology …

CPCS Transfer Updates – Cardholders / Candidates

Since the transfer of CPCS to NOCN Job Cards from CITB they have experienced several onboarding issues and can only apologise to you for the delays and long wait times experienced.

1. Applications Backlog

CPCS / NOCN are processing applications from the 11th December and our priority is process
and print these cards out as soon as possible. The CPCS Team are working
overtime and staff from other areas of the Group have been seconded to assist with
the backlog.

2. Card Checker

CPCS / NOCN are aware CITB’s card checker is currently out of date and their version is …

Transfer of Card Scheme Data

On the first December NOCN successfully transferred all the data concerning individuals with CPCS and CISRS cards from CITB to the NOCN Job Cards subsidiary.

It is important to notify all card holders that the data owners and data processors have therefore changed.

For CPCS NOCN Job Cards is now the Data Owner and processor. We will only use the data that has been transferred to us for the reason it was collected, the issuing and management of Competency Cards. As part of this process the data will also be processed by two UK based IT provider who supply the …

Industry Accreditation ‘Grandfather Rights’ withdrawal

CPCS is required to phase out blue Competent Operator cards gained through ‘Grandfather Rights’ from 1 January 2020, and any cards issued through Grandfather Rights will be completely removed by 31 December 2024.

The requirement to do this has been set by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) who have said that the minimum standard for skilled operators is a Level 2 Vocational Qualification (VQ) relevant to their occupation. You can find the CLC requirements to industry here:

This requirement stretches across our whole industry and every recognised card scheme.

Grandfather Rights or Industry Accreditation in the past allowed workers …

NOCN Launches CPCS Competence Interview


NOCN Group, the leading Construction NVQ Awarding Organisation, has launched the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) ‘Competence Interview’ in response to Construction Leadership Council (CLC) requirements for CPCS ‘Competent Operator’ blue card holders to hold relevant Level 2 Vocational Qualifications (VQ) from January 2020, with all existing cards that don’t meet the new standards being removed by 31 December 2024.

The ‘CPCS Competence Interview’ has been developed by NOCN in collaboration with the CPCS Management Committee to support the construction sector in its industry-wide …


What Is Relay For Life ?

Relay For Life brings you and your community together to help beat cancer. Throughout the year, teams fundraiser in their local communities to support the work of Cancer Research UK. Then everyone comes together in an inspiring overnight celebration and commemoration that the whole community can be part of.

Whilst the event is in full swing, members of each team will take turns to walk around the track for the duration of the Relay. All events are overnight as this marks the fact that cancer never sleeps. Relay events focus on fun for all …

Renew your Competent Operator Card

Learn how to renew card within five years of expiry, or renew cards which expired over five years ago. Renewing a card within 5 years of expiry.

To renew you need to:

Hold a CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card for the category which is within five years of expiry date Pass the relevant CITB health, safety and environment test within the last two years Pass the CPCS Renewal test for each category held* Demonstrated on-going practical operating experience through a choice of routes: Logbook On-Site Assessment CPCS Practical test NVQ

Completion of form F1/3 Application to Renew CPCS Competent Operator …

Extend a Red Trained Operator Card

Learn how to extend your Red Trained Operator card for 12 months or 2 years.

You can follow one of two routes, depending on when your card expired.

1) For a 12-month NVQ extension, you must:

Hold a CPCS Red Trained Operator card which is in date, or within 12 months from the expiry date Be registered for a NVQ relevant to the category

Once these elements have been achieved, call the CPCS Helpline on 0844 815 7274, confirm your details and make a payment of £25, you will be asked to provide proof of a NVQ registration by …

Updated Health, safety and environment test for 26 June 2019

CITB’s updated Health, safety and environment test for the construction industry is to launch on 26 June 2019.

CITB has announced a major update to the Health, safety and environment test, which it introduced in 2001 in response to high levels of significant accidents and incidents in construction. Over the last 18 years it has been key to improving health and safety in the industry.

CITB regularly reviews the test to make sure it meets current health and safety legislation, including any changes to EU regulations (which the UK is still subject to) and is aligned with the latest industry …

Jobs retained in Norfolk through CITB sale of CPCS scheme to NOCN Group

CITB has agreed to sell its Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) to NOCN Group, one of the sector’s largest Awarding Organisations (AO). The sale will include the retention of all CPCS-related jobs in Norfolk, as well as all CPCS-related mobile roles.

The move comes as part of CITB’s Vision 2020 programme of reform to better meet the demands of British construction. CITB will take on a more strategic and influential role focusing on securing the right training mix, high standards and quality assurance, building employer confidence in the market.

The CPCS provides skills cards to individual workers involved in the …

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