CPCS Frequently asked questions

Here we have a few questions which have been asked. If you need any more information or have any question which you require answered send us an email.
There is nothing you need to start your training, however in order to carry out a CPCS Technical Test an individual must have a Health & Safety Environment Test completed within the last 2 years. For further details to see whether you’ve got the appropriate HSE Test or for a reminder when the expiry date of your test is, feel free to call us on 0330 053 6855 and we will happily check your details on the CITB System.

A CPCS Card is a license that proves your ability to operate construction plant at the highest level. There are two types: The Trained Operator Red Card, which is the first card you will receive, and the Competent Operator Blue Card which you will need to work up to.

Both these cards show a great deal of competence on specific items of plant and are recognised nationwide as the preferred proof of competence within the industry. With a CPCS Card you will appear more attractive to employers, making it easier to find work and will be able to get onto the biggest Construction sites, with the strictest safety polices.

CPCS Trained Operator Red Card – To gain a Red Card you need to have a valid HSE Test, pass a CPCS theory test and a CPCS practical test.
Competent Operator Blue Card – You must have a valid HSE Test and pass both CPCS Theory & Practical Tests whilst holding an NVQ for a specific category.

The most common way to gain a Blue Card is by upgrading your existing Red Card. However if you have an NVQ Prior to undertaking your technical tests, it will automatically be upgraded to a Blue Card.