Introduction to NPORS

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, or NPORS as it is more commonly known, is an alternative card scheme to the CPCS.

NPORS offers flexibility, whilst maintaining standards, both nationally and internationally by working with industry and Accredited Training Providers.


In line with the Government Strategy for Construction for a single logo that card schemes can work to, and as a result of the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) decision to award the single logo status to CSCS, the NPORS Construction Operator Card will in future be issued in line with the requirements stipulated by the CLC and will display the CSCS logo.


An NPORS card is much more flexible than other schemes, giving you the ability to:


This is where NPORS really comes into its own. The variety of categories available is unrivalled. Sure, they offer the “normal” categories – Excavators, Dumpers, Rollers, Lift Trucks etc but they also have a lot of other courses that other schemes do not.

These include Slinging and Lifting with Excavator, Vehicle Banksman (Traffic Marshall), Quick Hitch (Safety or Awareness), Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT and Genny) and Abrasive Wheel.


NPORS Training is recommended at our purpose built Training Centres where we have the perfect environments and facilities for you to learn. Construction Training Academy can offer full Novice Training Courses with NPORS assessments at the end for candidates with no previous experience.

We also offer bespoke courses for semi experienced operators or those that may have used the machine in a different capacity E.g. A 360 Excavator operator who has only used the machine in a scrap yard with a grab attachment.

Experienced Worker Test

Alternatively, if you or your operators are experienced, an Experienced Worker Test is available. These can again be at our Doncaster Centre or on your own site. For the latter, your site must meet NPORS specification for the category (available upon request) and you must also have the correct items of plant and equipment on site.

It is recommended that delegates have at least 2 years prior experience although, as with anything, experience and ability are subjective. Successful candidates will be issued with an NPORS card, which is valid for 3 or 5 years.

Course Categories Covered

Agricultural Tractor – (N601)Loading Shovel – (N209)
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – (N608)Lorry Loader – (N107)
Appointed Persons Lifting Operations – (N401)Lorry Mounted Lift Truck – (N004)
Bench Saw – (N302)Material Re-handler 360 – (N722)
Cable Avoidance Tool – (N304)MEWP Boom – (N108)
Chainsaw – Maintenance & Cross Cutting – (N602)MEWP Scissor Lift – (N109)
Chipper – (N244)Mobile Crane – (N101)
Circular Saw – (N303)Mobile Towers – (N706)
Concrete Pump – (N211)Overhead Container Gantry Crane – (N114)
Confined Spaces – (N702)Overhead Crane – (N104)
Construction Safety Awareness – (S001)Plant Loader and Securer – (N120)
Container Handler – (N012)Rail Handler – Ironman – (N504)
Crane Supervisor – (N405)Reach Truck – (N003)
Crawler Crane – (N103)Rear Dump Truck – (N205)
Crusher – (N207)Road Planer – (N216)
Dozer – (N215)Road Roller – (N214)
Excavator 180 – (N201)Road Sweeper – (N217)
Excavator 360° – (N226)Rough Terrain Lift Truck – (N009)
Excavator as a Crane – (N100)Screener – (N208)
Forward Tipping Dumper – (N204)Skidsteer Loader – (N212)
Generator – (N506)Skip Lorries – (N219)
Grass Cutters/Mowers – (N604)Slinger – Signaller – (N402)
Gritter and Snowplough – (N802)Static Concrete Placing Boom (N721)
Hoist – Test Sheet – (N111b)Telescopic Handler – (N010)
Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck – (N001)Tower Crane – (N102)
Industrial Telescopic Handler – (N011)Tower Crane Remote Control- (N115)
Load and Secure Excavator up to 5T – (N124)Trencher – (N203)
Loader Compressor – (N206)Vehicle Banksman – (N403)