Since the transfer of CPCS to NOCN Job Cards from CITB they have experienced several onboarding issues and can only apologise to you for the delays and long wait times experienced.

1. Applications Backlog

CPCS / NOCN are processing applications from the 11th December and our priority is process
and print these cards out as soon as possible. The CPCS Team are working
overtime and staff from other areas of the Group have been seconded to assist with
the backlog.

2. Card Checker

CPCS / NOCN are aware CITB’s card checker is currently out of date and their version is not
available. CPCS / NOCN are currently in the testing phase and hope to release the final version

If you are an employer / need confirmation for your employer that you are able to
work on site please send them an email at with the subject line
‘CPCS 123’ and they will send you confirmation that the operator is able to work on
site. Please note if an application has not being processed (added to our system) they
will be unable to provide this information.

3. Card Number

When you receive your new SMART card, it will have a different number to any
previous card you have held. This is because the number on your old card is a CITB
number. Your new number will be in this format 4XXXXXXX

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