What is a CPCS banked category?

Example; I held a CPCS blue competence card which had the following categories;

  • 360 Excavator Tracked
  • Forward Tipping Dumper Wheeled
  • Wheeled loading Shovel

When I last renewed my CPCS card I had not been operating the Wheeled Loading Shovel or the Forward Tipping Dumper, so my employer said I could not renew these categories, therefore my current card only shows;

  • 360 Tracked Excavator

How do I get the categories back on my CPCS Card and what are the CPCS rules?

Categories not applied for at the time of renewal may be ‘banked’ and can be claimed at a later within a 5-year period providing the following rules are met;

  • You hold a valid HS&E test (two years)
  • You Hold a valid Renewal Test for the category grouping, check here.
  • You have recorded 300 hours operating experience (per category or scheme rules in the last 5 years or If you have not recorded sufficient hours detailing operating experience then you can complete a CPCS On Site Assessment (OSA) these can be booked with any test centre in the UK that has accreditation to deliver the specific category please use the Test Centre Search.


The Competent Operator Card start date will be the date from the original expiry date of the previous Competent Operator Card, Therefore, it is important to start the renewal process as soon as possible.

More information on specifics can be found in the Scheme Booklet for Operators.


Banked categories can only be re-instated within a 5-year period, if categories are older than this these rules do not apply.

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