1. Applications Backlog

Where we have the correct HSE test, photo and CPCS test results that match with CITB/Pearson VUE data. There are still outstanding data issues remaining between CPCS, Pearson VUE and CITB, but these have been significantly reduced with you help and assistance.

2. Notifications Resulted as Achieved through Test Centre Management System

For all notifications where we can match the correct HSE data, photo and CPCS test results, cards are now being dispatched within SLA of 15 working days.

3. Card renewals/applications

We are processing new applications as quickly as possible. All applications that have met scheme requirements have been processed and have been sent to print.

Applications that are incorrect, incomplete, or where an assessment has been failed will receive Rejection letters.  Rejection letters will be sent to the applicant who requested the card. Please check that applications have all the correct information entered. An extra check will save a lot of time waiting and chasing for a card.

4. Test Centres; Carding Without Application

We are processing all Carding Without Applications as soon as possible, providing we can match for all HS&E data with CITB.

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