At NOCN Group, we are all deeply sorry and like you frustrated by the issues that our customers have experienced in the weeks since the CPCS transfer.  Please know we are doing all we can to rectify the issues as quickly as possible.  The CPCS Team is being supported by colleagues from all areas of NOCN Group to resolve your ongoing issues, this is our number one priority.  We are working positively and closely with CITB, and the industry supplier for HS&E tests, to resolve the issue with mismatched data, one of the main delays to processing.

Hopefully, the update below will show what we have been working on, and we are working to rectify issues daily.  Please email any feedback to marketing@nocn.org.uk and the team can pass to the relevant department.  Once the transfer issues have been resolved we want to work with all our customers to build the scheme up to new levels of excellence.

We need your help to do this.

Apologies again,

Mark Buckton, Executive Director of Job Cards and Services

Processing Update

We are now processing individual applications from 15 January, and CWAs from 10 January, for all cards which have correct data across the 3 interacting systems of CITB, their HS&E Test supplier and ourselves.

However, there are a number of cards still ‘stuck’ in the system, and we are trying to get these through as soon as possible.

The main reasons for these delays are:

  • Missing HS&E test results – as previously communicated, this is happening where the industry supplier for HS&E tests have incorrect candidate details (such as name, DOB or NI number) and our system is unable to match to CITB records. We are working with CITB to help them clean their data so that we are able to match these records.
  • Missing Photograph – this is related to the above HS&E issue.
  • Orphan Components – in some cases the system is recognising the endorsement but not the “parent” category. We are manually processing these.

We are very sorry for the delays to these cards, and we are working as hard as we can to clear the backlog.  We are liaising with the industry supplier for HS&E tests and CITB at the highest level to overcome the barriers caused by having three sets of records to produce a single card.

Card Checker Online

Test centres, employers and individuals can use Card Checker to see their CPCS history and which categories / cards are currently active. On this tool you can check CPCS records alongside CISRS records and Health, Safety and Environment test records.


Test Centre Search Tool Online

Learners can use this to find centres near to them who offer the CPCS categories they want to be tested in. It is improved from the out of use CITB tool as it now searches based on distance from the postcode you input, rather than giving you an alphabetical list of centres in the sector.

Test Centre Search

Renewal Test Tool Online

Learners can use this to confirm which CPCS renewal tests they need to take. All of our factsheets are held on the Renewal Test Tool. This replaces CITB’s Module Matcher.

Renewal Test Tool

Action Minutes from the December CPCS Management Committee

  • Management Committee were updated on the transfer including data that was missing in the move of systems
  • Staffing has increased to deal with calls, emails and processing of cards
  • NOCN confirmed that testing of the new systems happened prior to go live, but there were unanticipated complications such as missing data
  • A new dedicated phone line was set up where customers can book renewal tests. This phone number (available from 1 Jan 2020) is 0300 499 1900.
  • Management Committee made it known that they do not want the term ‘Grandfather Rights’ to be used in reference to Industry Accreditation in the future.
  • Confirmation that the news on Industry Accreditation was well received by industry.
  • NFDC requested on behalf of their federation that Asbestos Awareness Training be a mandatory pre-requisite for demolition categories held on CPCS cards. This will be raised at the next Management Committee meeting in March.
  • NFDC raised a question about whether Demolition Rigged Plant Platforms should be endorsed under Tracked or Wheeled. It was confirmed that the tracked or wheeled endorsements cover all and ensure safety.
  • NFDC requested clarification of whether NOCN CPCS’ Industry Accreditation requirements also covered those with demolition categories. Confirmation was given that yes, all categories are covered by the requirements.
  • The Committee agreed that a two-year extension could be given where testers come up for renewal this year, this gives more opportunity to put a new tester renewal programme in place.
  • The committee requested that an additional Test Centre Academy be made available in Wales. NOCN agreed to work towards this in 2020.
  • The Committee approved the change in Excavator A59 test area size from 90x90m to 60x60m. Documents will be amended and this will be introduced in the next Test Centre Newsletter (beginning of Feb 2020).
  • Trialling and testing to be done on changes to Plant and Vehicle Marshaller. The outcomes of this will be communicated and introduced in the next Test Centre Newsletter (beginning of Feb 2020).
  • NOCN confirmed a Construction Project Team has been established in NOCN to help us build employer contacts which were not a part of the sale from CITB.
  • CPA raised for information that there were two fatalities with excavators towards the end of 2019. CPA will be putting together some guidance.
  • Management Committee raised the point whether fully qualified international workers could gain their competent operator card without having to obtain an NVQ. NOCN will investigate this.


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